About MyCarstreet, Gary Woodroffe


About MyCarstreet, Gary Woodroffe

Gary Woodroffe

MyCarstreet was the brainchild of my son whom now is in his early teens.  MyCarstreet was his idea out of his motorhead days and love for cars which he apparently still loves.

I love my son Ben. I hope he will always know that. I haven’t seen him for 3 1/2 years.  I hope he’s doing well.  I have so much I’d like to share to help him a success in his relationships and career.


We have not seen each other since early 2012 for no good reason; yet, in violation of every unalienable constitutionally protected liberty interests our forefathers sacrificed their honor, wealth, family, fortune and future for.

This site About MyCarstreet, Gary Woodroffe is a token of my love as his dad to him, regardless of his faults my love remains steadfast.  He has been alienated now since early 2012 shortly after he asked for a change of residence to my house as his dad.  Clandestine retaliation occurred in the form of psychotropic amphetamine drugs under the color of “adhd medicine”, brainwashing alienators and corrupt family court officers of the court.  Our disenfranchisement occurs  as a result of organized, insidious forces who design legal, social, psychological and geographic devices to disenfranchise dads and children as has been done here.

Our story is not unique.  It is the modus operandi of our family courts who reduce our families, children without choices or voices, to a commodity bought and sold on the auction block of family courts similar to the same way families were split up, bought and sold during the JIm Crow slavery era of the 1800’s.  The same bigotry exists; however, instead of the color of skin it is perpetrated under the color of law.

While a site like this, About MyCarstreet, Gary Woodroffe should be a fun father son project it has built into it alot of good memories now poisoned by father haters and child haters who want nothing more than to destroy parent child relations for no reason other than to ram their sociopathic agendas down the throats of others who cannot or will not oppose them.  Other blogs and site of mine and millions of other parents verify the truthfulness of my claim.

This site is also dedicated to the 24.5 million children who never get to see or hear from their fathers in a year.  They don’t know where he lives or the sound of his voice or how to call him on the phone, sometimes that contact is made illegal by a family court judge.  They don’t receive his reassuring hand on their shoulders and don’t hear his loving authority to say yes or no to their dilemmas they face growing up in this hostile crazy world.

He has never seen the inside of their house nor has he bought them a happy meal, a silly toy or a pair of tennis shoes.  Their dad has been reduced to a sperm donor and a child support payment to line state and federal treasuries.

To those children without fathers I say to you this.  Even though your earthly fathers are absent know this, that our Heavenly Father sees and hears your every cry.  Consider this verse from the bible…

Ex 22:21 (AMP)  You shall not wrong a stranger or oppress him; for you were strangers in the land of Egypt.
22  You shall not afflict any widow or fatherless child.
23  If you afflict them in any way and they cry at all to Me, I will surely hear their cry;
Exodus 22:21-23 (AMP)

About MyCarstreet, Gary Woodroffe

To the Haters

This site is also a testimony to all the alienators and those who sell our children as though they are a commodity  like cattle in our so called family courts.   Even though many of these children don’t know how to call out to Yahweh above, I have stood in their gap and cried out to Yahweh for them.  He has heard.

The hand writing is on the wall, you are weighed in balance and found wanting.  Your kingdom this day is removed from you.   Govern yourself accordingl.y

To the Children

About MyCarstreet, Gary Woodroffe

Children, your heavenly Father Yehovah – the God of Abraham, Issaac and Jacob, Yeshua has heard your cry.  Their is no other God but Him. He is the God of the Fatherless and Widow.  He loves you and is on your side, not against you but for you.

Gary Woodroffe

Gary Lee Woodroffe

About MyCarstreet, Gary Woodroffe

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