Roush P51 Mustang Gary Woodroffe

Roush P51 Mustang Gary Woodroffe

Roush P51 Mustang Gary Woodroffe 510 HP LImited production off the Roush showroom floor in Roush manufacturing Livonia, Mi. These photos are taken from the Roush manufacturing facility before they are sold to the public. Roush buys the Mustangs while already a hot item for any Muscle car Mustang enthusiast, then brings them into their shops to upgrade engines, fuel injection, suspension, braking system, exhaust and interior part turning them into a serious Muscle car by any standards. Go by any day of the week and you may hear the sound of screaming Mustangs doing burnoffs in their back lot.

A tour of the Roush Mustang plant shows serious horsepower engineering in these limited production rides. They combine the engineering talent of performance, longevity, beauty with horsepower into a machine that competes with nearly any street machine in a top spot. Roush engineering combines racing engineering, performance development and subcontracting for the major automakers.

Roush not only builds screaming Mustangs, but also Roush pickup trucks, aftermarket performance engines, has done limited work for Mopar Chrysler products as well as Ford subcontracting engineering as well. Roush has numerous plants but their Mustangs as of these 2008 pictures were taken in their Livonia, Michigan plant near Detroit.

Roush P51 Mustang Gary Woodroffe
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